Chris Norman


DoubleClick Studio

DoubleClick Studio

Studio promotional video Studio video component UI Studio video component preview Studio workflow UI Studio preview
DoubleClick Studio is an advertising production and workflow tool that streamlines rich media processes for creative agencies. It helps designers and developers publish high-quality, innovative work with quick turnarounds.
I am the lead designer and interface developer for both the suite of Flash components that allow drag and drop creation of advanced rich media creatives, and the web application that manages all stages of the creative lifecycle.
Project highlights include the production of a groundbreaking component UI framework for managing creative properties in Flash, and a fully-integrated creative preview that allows you to view your rich media asset running on any site on the Internet in real-time.
DoubleClick Mobile

DoubleClick Mobile

DoubleClick Mobile Sample mobile ads Live mobile preview
DoubleClick Mobile is an ad delivery system for mobile websites that delivers dynamic, interactive ads to mobile web pages based on advertiser-specified criteria. Features include integration with mobile ad networks, automatic ad selection, new mobile ad formats, and the ability to preview ads in real-time on actual devices.
I was the lead designer and co-developer for this industry-premiere creative application.
Google Dynamic Ads

Google Dynamic Ads

Static vs dynamic ad How targeting works The data palette Whiteboarding interfaces Sample user workflows
Dynamic ads can pick and choose from literally thousands of creative elements of a display ad in real-time — tweaking images, products, messages or colors. These elements can be optimized depending on factors like geographic location, language, the content of the website, the time of day or the past performance of different ads.
I am the design lead for this early-stage product, enabling advertisers to optimize display ads using machine learning and managing large sets of data and creative assets for real-time tweaking of campaigns. I am collaborating directly with technical and product management leads to produce an entirely new application interface that also leverages existing ad platforms.
Google (various)

Google (various)

Youtube Screening Room Google Health Google Transparency Report
The YouTube Screening Room is a platform for top films from around the world to find the audiences they deserve. Every other Friday, four new films are featured. Google Health allows you to organize, track, monitor, and act on your health information online. The Google Transparency Report shows visualizations of government takedown requests and disruptions to traffic.
I have been directly involved in the ongoing development of several emerging products at Google, through dedicating 20% time and a commitment to consult for teams without a dedicated user experience resource.


Traveling Mom

Traveling Mom

Home page E-mail newsletter Community Proposed logo Final logo
Traveling Mom is a web-based community and network of bloggers geared towards moms who travel with and without their kids.
Developed by openedSource for founder Kim Orlando, the site employs an open-source implementation bolstered by custom development, which significantly reduced initial costs and keeps ongoing maintenance costs to a minimum.
Traveling Mom is a dynamic web magazine that is completely user driven. Visitors can interact with writers through a web-based community forum, and administrators and writers manage the site's content through a user-friendly WCMS tool. In addition to the technical implementation, openedSource constructed everything including brand identity, newsletter production, community configuration and moderation to content management customization and end-user training.
Hospital Emergency Response Exercises

Hospital Emergency Response Exercises (e-learning)

Character designs Final design Scene (outlines) Scene (colored) Intro Quiz Scenario
The Hospital Emergency Response Exercises provide hospital-associated clinicians with the opportunity to practice appropriate responses to an emergency event requiring activation of the hospital emergency response plan.
OpenedSource was brought in by the University at Albany School of Public Health to pitch several proposals for an art style and platform design based on a paper script, then to produce the SCORM-compliant CMS back-end, front-end and mid-tier for the suite of e-learning activities.


Home page Product page New home page
Bambina is THE place to shop for stylish baby clothing, accessories, toys and gifts.
OpenedSource established the logo and branding for the client's youth clothing e-commerce site, reinforced through all promotional materials and content templates.
Photo galleries

Photo galleries

Plaka photo gallery Afroskull photo gallery United for Peace and Justice photo gallery
OpenedSource developed a number of in-house photo galleries to present the team's original artwork, as well as for client promotion.
The Afroskull gallery was featured on the Air America Radio portal, and the Plaka collection was part of a group show at the Monroe Art Gallery in 2005.

Sunguy (game)

Intro screen Pluto gets caught Getting ready to ride Game over screen Stage select screen
Sunguy is a series of several Flash games geared toward a young adult audience and designed to showcase the custom cast of characters developed by Chris.
All the game's artwork and code are original, and the series was produced in Flash 4 - before Macromedia had even introduced functions!
Writing, editing and speaking

Writing, editing and speaking Macromedia Flash Goodies Interactive Storytelling with Chris Crawford Flash Magic Object Oriented Programming with Actionscript 2.0
Contributor - Flash MX 2004 Magic, Macromedia Flash Development Goodies.
Technical Reviewer - OOP with Actionscript, Object-Oriented Programming with Actionscript 2.0, Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling, Flash 8 Unleashed, Flash 8 At Work; SAMS/Peachpit/New Riders Press.
Speaker - 2002 FlashKit Conference, CA. Topics: 'Using XML in Flash' and 'Flash Interactive Design'.


Sanofi-aventis (web)

Sanofi-aventis (web)
While employed at Sanofi-aventis, responsibilities included producing new design style guidelines, developing patient and health-care professional branded promotional web sites and web-based advertisements, advising marketing teams on technology and vendor selection, and working closely with internal networking teams to implement new technologies.
Sanofi-aventis (intranet)

Sanofi-aventis (intranet)

Intranet home page Interior page Content managament interface
I redesigned and redeveloped North American intranet to serve a community of over 10,000 users on 3 continents and a national Field Sales Force in 6 months.
Templates and WCMS infrastructure allowed for easy re-use of content, including a push method to deliver news articles and relevant personalized content to users' desktops and kiosk displays, creating a low-bandwidth site for portable devices, and the deployment of a physician management portal in days instead of months, saving the company several hundred thousands of dollars in consulting fees.
Custom documentation was developed and 100+ non-technical users were trained to manage their own portal content according to industry best practices. Speed to launch allowed the newly merged company to provide a single clearinghouse for the wealth of integrated content and policies being produced.